15 Reasons Why We All Love Star Wars (It’s a Trap!)

star wars funzim

1. These aren’t the droids you are looking for

This phrase has a perfect use in a modern life. The power of Jedi hypnosis has proven to rock. Еру Obi-Wan Kenobi casual look in this scene can make anyone chase their special abilities. This phrase was picked up by people who even are not Star Wars fans. Many catch phrases found their way into our life: “Luke, I’m your father” and “I love you – I know” are just a few which add flavor to our everyday world.

2. The story

I’m sure you loved following the romantic storyline as well as the strategic plans of getting everything sorted. Brother-sister relationships, the organization of the different forces, both political and military, show how actually complex the universe within the movies is.


3. Yoda

Speak you of your force, your goal you will find. Grammar Nazis would chase this cute green master, however, he would be able to kick their butts as we know that the force lies within. You don’t need to watch Star Wars to know who Yoda is. Luke’s training would be boring and totally useless movie part without Yoda.

4. Chewbacca

How can you not mention Han Solo’s friend after mentioning Yoda? Hairy, beastly, furious and completely impossible to understand. Rumours has it that true Star Wars fans can easily discuss weather and politics in Chewbacca’s slang.

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