15 Reasons Why We All Love Star Wars (It’s a Trap!)

we love funzim star wars

5. The music

The music is truly an amazing part of these series: from the opening credits to every single epic moment. Darth Vader’s tune became the synonym for one of the best entrance tracks. This instrumentals would find approval with the music lovers as well as with hardcore saga fans. Lightsaber sounds were also one of the coolest things you could here in the movies. Pew-pew!

6. Dark side


The battle between good and evil continues all the way through the movies. We can see all the different ways the Jedi and Sith try to account for their side of the force. Each side has their own features and only the way you use the force puts you into one of the camps. On one side we can see what happens when you switch sides, but on the other hand force always stays in balance. Evil doesn’t disappear and the good never fully takes over.

7. Robots

R2-D2 and C3PO became iconic parts of the Star Wars universe. These robots had their own character and their voices were set as a ringtones for many devoted fans. The friendship between these two pals was just one of the best moments as it’s impossible to ignore the argument between the metallic voice and beeping.

8. The culture

These movies are old yet more and more youngsters become part of the culture joining the force. Jedi, sith, force, empire are all shown through fanfiction and cosplay events which are held every year. Millions of fans has many things to cherish as video games, board games, collectible merchandise fills the shelves of stores all over the world.

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