50 Crazy Facts About the Human Body!

Funzim presents 50 crazy facts about the human body that you probably didn’t know before. They are split into 5 categories: head and brain, hair and nails, emotions and the body, bodily gases and fluids, and other weird stuff. Well anyway –  Enjoy!

Head and Brain



  1. The people who classify themselves as “multitaskers” have actually been proven to be worse at multitasking than those who do not.

  2. You will probably never see a human brain – but if you do: The average adult human brain weight around 3 pounds and has the consistency of tofu.

  3. The old myth that we use only 10% of our brain is not true. We actually use every part of a brain, even in a day to day functions.

  4. The human head is made up of about 456 trillion atoms….. quite a few…


    When making a judgement on if an action would have an affect on others, teens were much less likely to use their medial prefrontal cortex than adults, the area of the brain associated with empathy and guilt.

  6. On average, over time, human brains have gotten smaller. However, brain size has nothing to do with intelligence.

  7. The human brain takes up about 2% of the bodies weight, but it uses 20% of the oxygen supply in the blood and 25% of the circulating glucose supply.

  8. Both true and false memories stimulate similar regions within the brain.

  9. The brain stores different parts of one singular memory in different locations.

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