7 Convincing Reasons To Believe In Aliens!

Reason To Believe 1: The Wow! Signal


August 15, 1977 – The Big Ear radio telescope detected a strange signal at 1420 MHz. The signal duration was 72 seconds and came from within the Sagittarius constellation. The closest star from with that location was approximately 220 million light years away. The signal came from a seemingly empty spot in space.


The astronomer on duty, Dr. Jerry R. Ehman, was so surprised he circled the signal on the data sheet with the word “Wow!”. The signal was unmodulated and lacked explicit information, but still drew great attention because it was narrow-band (i.e. not “natural”) and powerful. International agreement states that transmission at 1420 Mhz ¬†is illegal due to its excellent qualities for observation of the cosmos; its 21-centimetre wavelength passes right through most of space that is opaque to alternate frequencies. No other signal detected has had such intensity and scientists remain baffled until this day. What, or who, created the “Wow Signal” ?

the wow image

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