7 Strange Facts About Graphene

1. Strength

One of the most jaw-dropping things about graphene is its huge strength.It is actually only a sheet of atoms, but this is a sheet of atoms that you can pick up in your owns hands and manipulate. It has often been cited as the strongest material in the world, this is due to robustness of the covalent carbon to carbon bonds, and how when tested this material is defect free rising to a perfect structure.



2. Graphene has no band gap

A band gap is the the gap between the energy of an electron when it is within an atom and when it free to move around (this is also referred to as the conduction band).

How does this property help you say? Well this opens up the possibility of using graphene in photovoltaic cells. This is because it can capture photons with energy at every frequency, i.e. there are no blocked frequencies like a material that has a band gap would have.  There are soon to be some great applications here!

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