The Deadliest Substance Ever Discovered…

A newly discovered botulinum toxin has recently been discovered by scientists – ingesting even 13-billionths of a gram would kill you.

The gene sequence behind the protein remains a tightly guarded secret as an antidote has not yet been created. Researchers who discovered this deadliest substance are quite rightly fearful of this potential devastating weapon falling into the wrong hands.botulism



This new toxin has been classified as botulinum toxin H. The previous versions of botulinum toxins (A-G) have all corresponded to antidotes which can defend people against the development of potentially lethal case of botulism. The bacteria in question is the Clostridium botulinum, of which has a terrifying ability to render victims paralysed by blocked the chemical which enables muscle function, acetylcholine.

It is actually the first time ever that a team of scientists have withheld the gene sequence of a newly discovered substance – usually they must be revealed in the public data base GenBank – but for obvious reasons this was deemed too dangerous.

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