New Part Of The Human Body Discovered!

Yes you read that right! Who would have though that even after we have been studying the human body in depth for thousands of years it could still be possible? However, two surgeons at University Hospital Leuven have recently found a completely new piece of the human body.

This new part is a ligament located in the knee and appears to play a vital role in patients that suffer from a tear in their anteriror cruciate ligament (or ACL). This injury is very common, especially for athletes.

human knee funzim

This newly discovered ligament is called the anterolateral ligament, and was found by using a technique called macroscopic dissection, during an investigation into complications that arise in patients after ACL rehabilitation. In the investigation they stumbled upon a scientific paper written back in 1879 that hypothesised the existence of a mysterious unknown ligament in the knee. The paper’s author turned out to be right! Dr Bellemans and Dr Claes were able to find the ligament and state that it should be present in 97% of all patients. As the research progress is was shown that the pivot shift, which is a common problem after ACL rehabilitation, is actually caused by this anterolateral ligament.

It is quite remarkable how scientists are still discovering new parts of the human body after all these years! The last time one was discovered was in June 2013; a microscopic layer within the human cornea. Although small, knowing its presence can make eye surgery easier and safer. These discoveries show to us that there is almost more out the to find, and with each piece of new information on the human body, medicine can refine and improve itself.



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Photo Credit: University Hospitals Leuven