The 5 Most Disturbing Archaeological Discoveries

5. The Doomed Expedition

The infamous search for the Northwest Passage (a sea route through the Arctic ocean, claimed the lives of many explorers. British Rear-Admiral Sir John Franklin lead a 129 strong expedition team to search for a way through in 1845 – all 129 of the crew perished through a combination of starvation, scurvy, hypothermia and exposure.

doomed exp face


Facial reconstruction of one of the crew members

Many of the men’s remains also showed strong evidence of lead poisoning – this was a common issue due to the way food was canned back then.

The first few of the crew to die received a proper burial. However, as the expedition went on and more people died this became impossible – bodies were left unburied and some may even have been cannibalised due to the lack of food available to the men. It has been possible to identify only a few of the bodies, despite efforts to reconstruct their faces.

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