The Biggest Natural Misconceptions

Funzim is proud to present to you the biggest misconceptions about nature across the world. Prepare to be shocked when you learn the truth!

What is the driest place on Earth?


You would think that this was the Sahara desert. you will be surprised to hear that it is actually Antarctica! Some places there have not seen rain for over a whopping 2 million years. The technical definition of a desert is somewhere that receives up to 254 mm of precipitation a year. In the Sahara it is just 25 mm. In Antarctica, however, 2% of it is covered in “Dry Valleys” where it actually never rains – these areas are not even covered by snow.


The next driest place is the desert Atacama in Chile It is approximately 250 times drier than the Sahara with a respectable 400 years without any rainfall.

Another interesting thing is that Antarctica is at the same time also the dampest and the windiest one. Even though there is no rainfall, which causes it to win this category, is contains 70% of the world’s amount of water, and the fastest wind speed recorded.

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