The Most Useful Computer Shortcuts You Should Know

Keyboard shortcuts can really make a difference when using a computer – imagine not using Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V! There are obviously many more useful shortcuts out there, the only problem is that not many people know about them.

Here we show a quick list of a few of the most useful shortcuts that can be used to increase productivity when using a computer.

Shortcuts With The Windows Key

Windows + E  :   Starts Windows Explorer (My Computer)

Windows + D  :   Minimises all Windows

Windows + B  :   Access System Tray

Windows + R  :   Opens Run Dialog

Windows + X  :   Opens Mobility Centre. In Windows 8 it offers various options, just try it and see!

Windows + U  :   Opens Ease of Access Centre

Windows + M :   Minimises Current Active Window

Windows + Home :   Minimises inactive windows

Windows + Shift + M : Restores Minimised Window

Ctrl Shortcuts For Word Processing Or Form Filling


Ctrl + C  :   Copy

Ctrl + X  :   Cut

Ctrl + V  :   Paste

Ctrl + A  :   Select all

Ctrl + Z  :   Undo

Ctrl + P  :   Print  Website

Ctrl + S  :   Save

Other Useful Shortcuts

Shift + F10 :  Opens right click menu of the item selected

Alt + F4 : Closes all windows. Can also be used to shut down or restart your system

Alt + Enter :  Opens properties dialog box of the item selected

Alt + Space:  Opens the title bar menu

Also: Press Shift as you insert CD or DVD to keep it from playing automatically

These are the most useful shortcuts available to increase productivity when using a computer, we hope you enjoy using them!