Thing That We Expected in 2015 But Never Got

back to the future 2015 funzim

Back to the future had a crucial impact on the culture of the past and many kids who are adults now were looking forward to seeing all the thing movie should have predicted. But let’s see what actually happened this year:

1. Hover boards

Let’s face it, the Hoverboard by Lexus looked impressive but it has nothing to do with technology showed in the movies. We saw it glide but unfortunately only when you tell it too. Good try though.

2. Flying cars


Staying on the topic of transport, flying cars should fill our streets and give us the freedom of movement. The scenario from 5th Element looks dangerous rather than attractive for the modern world. However, we got autopilots which can drive us around and possibly be safer. Will be automated car movement our next big thing? We’ll see.

3. Food hydrators

Turning a tiny pizza into a big family size meals was a dream. That quick and fresh types of home meals would be so popular right now. Nevertheless, Dominos and Pizza Hut are still here to deliver us some pizzas.

funzim back to the future 2015

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