Thing That We Expected in 2015 But Never Got

back to the future funzim 2015

4. Wearable technology

Virtual reality headsets are becoming a reality. Of course, now they are not as mobile and still cost a fortune, but the future got a little bit closer. Smart watches have already flooded our markets, smart clothes is on the way to become the guardians of our health. How popular these thing will actually become we will see in the next couple of years.

5. Self-tying shoes

The prototype was already shown but we are on the edge of new year and yet there are no pair that you can buy. Nike has received a great brand recognition yet the future is still not here in regards to self-lacing trainers!


6. The fashion

I guess you would be happy that this one never turned to be true. Modern fashion has many weird phenomena but it never gets too popular (maybe for a short while). Silver didn’t become our main color and it is the way forward as we don’t want the future to look like most of the space movies ever made, with their awful silver space-suits.

7. Time travel

Of course it wasn’t available in 1985 and it will not be possible for a long time (of course depends on which theory you are looking at). We still love this part of the culture and will not forget the future that we could’ve had.

On the bright side, water was found on Mars!

back to the future 2015 fashion funzim

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