Top 10 Best Games On Facebook 2013

With over 1 billion registered users, Facebook is the world’s largest social network. It can be used for networking, chatting, marketing and also eating away hours of peoples’ lives with a multitude of “Can Never Put Me Down” games. Millions of people utilise Facebook for their gaming addictions each and every day.
With thousands of games available to choose, we have selected here the top 10 best games that exist on Facebook 2013. They are listed below РEnjoy!

10. Market land

Make your experience count turning a small shop into huge store!


market land

This game is an awesome little simulation that is based on the interesting challenge of transforming a tiny shop into a massive department store. More than 1 million people play this game on Facebook – so if you are into simulation games and have a few hours to kill, it is highly recommended.

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