Top 10 Most Deadly Diseases

Humans have never been strangers to disease. Viruses and bacteria have been the cause of an innumerable amount of deaths throughout our history; more so than all wars combined.

In our early history an outbreak of a disease would wipe out a small group, or tribe , but as the human population bloomed and gathered in cities an epidemic could reach out to a much higher number of people, with devastating results. Other habits that humans have that help to cultivate a scenario that promotes the damage of epidemics include domesticating animals,  which come with their own set of microbes; storing food, which attracts scavenging creatures; and the construction of well and ditches to store water, which allows disease carrying mosquitoes to thrive.

Prepare yourself – today you will see which are the 10 worst, most horrifying epidemics in human history.

10. Smallpox

small pox


Before the Americas were colonised by the European explorers there were already an estimated 100 million people living there. The Incas and the Aztecs are examples of native colonies living in the Americas that had constructed cities, but had not been living in them long enough for many diseases to be developed. They were doomed as soon as the Europeans arrived. The explorers brought many things over, one of them a host of deadly diseases for which the native people had no immunity or defence.

Smallpox was the most damaging of these diseases, caused by the Variola virus. This virus has been with the human race for thousands of years with the most common type of it having a mortality rate as high as 30% It causes high fevers, rashes that develop from fluid-filled sacks to permanent scars and crippling body aches. The disease can spread through direct contact with an infected person’s skin, by fluids, or even airborne in close environments.

A vaccine was created in 1769. Even though, deaths were still widespread. As recently as 1967 the virus has still managed to kill 2 million people worldwide.

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