Top 10 Most Gorgeous Scientists

The stereotype of a scientist is a nerdy boffin with glasses and a bad taste in clothes. Nothing can be further from the truth with these top 10 sexiest scientists that are currently pushing the boundaries of human knowledge. Smart and stunning, intelligent and inviting – these ladies will surly get your heart racing! Read Funzim’s “Top 10 Most Gorgeous Scientists” to find out who have made it onto the top spots, and how they are benefiting all of us right now!

10. Heather Christofk

Job Title: Assistant professor

Age: 32

Institution: University of California, Los Angeles

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Educational Background: Ph.D. in cell and developmental biology from Harvard; B.S. in molecular, cell, and developmental biology from UCLA

Nationality: American

Heather is our most beautiful front line researcher on the battle against cancer! Christofk studies how the way in which cancer cells genes and genetic proteins can influence their ability to utilise sugars to live and grow. This is actually different to how normal cells do – they use much more sugar than regular cells, they do this by modifying the way they use energy sources found in their immediate environment. This can help us design drugs can that target the cancer’s sugar growth pathways. The current plan is to cut the cancerous cells off from sugar, so they cannot go as rapidly.

Fun fact: She is also a big  fan of college basketball and the Boston Bruins!

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