Top 10 Most Exciting Reveals At E3 2013

There is so much going on at E3 it is very difficult to keep up with all the new technology, ideas and innovations that are flying about jumping for attention. However, there are a few items within the event that really stand out above the rest and will surely prove to soon become massive smash hits in the gaming community. This post highlights the top 10 most awesome creations displayed at E3 2013.

10. NVIDIA Shield

Release: July/August 2013

nVidia shield


Surprise from NVIDIA!

NVIDIA create the most powerful graphics cards available. At E3 they revealed a jump they shall make into the portable console gaming world with the NVIDIA Shield. There have been other devices that have attempted this task, but with a brand as capable as NVIDIA, the best chance for massive success is with them. At E3 they demonstrated, very convincingly, that the battle to create a popular portable gaming platform is still very much alive.

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