Top 10 Strangest Animal Discoveries

9. The 750-leg Millipede




This one is guaranteed to get your skin crawling off your bones. Surely one of the creatures of this Earth that you really do not want to be taking a stroll on you. A white millipede managed to squash 750 of its creepy crawly legs onto its 1-3cm long body.

If there was a world record awarded for “leggiest creature” this would certainly be in. The Illacme plenipes is found, strangely, only in a 1.7 square mile area within northern California. Even weirder still, the closest genetic family members of the millipede reside in South Africa. These guys might have spread their legs and distributed themselves around when the land on Earth was one large supercontinent, Panaea. 200 million years ago this supercontinent broke apart, this could explain the long-lost family tree in a different continent!

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